What is the cheapest way to extend a house?

Extending you home not only adds additional room and space to your property but also adds value to your house, but what is the cheapest way to extend your house? Here we will have a look at the cheapest ways of extending your home.

Expanding your house to the front, side or back, adding a loft conversion or converting a basement or cellar are all fantastic and viable ways of adding more space for you and your family. The cost of doing this however can seem daunting and might put some people off.

By keeping a house extension simple you are able to keep costs down and still give yourself a lot of extra room whilst sticking to a budget. By keeping the design simple and minimal you will be able to achieve the important goal of additional space and value without the additional costs of elaborate designs.

Keeping the design simple will also mean that the extension to your home may take less time that more complicated designs. Having a simple design for additional space doesn’t mean that your extension will be boring as you can use interior design and furnishings to ensure that you make the most of your extra space.

Simple designs may include a square home extension with a simple pitched roof where you do not have to have customised angles and curves within the design. This will keep costs lower. The construction materials used within a simple design will also help keep the extension at a lower cost as you will not need special ordered materials.

It is important that before you opt into any home extension you plan correctly as this in turn will also make your home extension cheaper in the long run.

Building regulations and planning permissions must be followed along with party wall acts if you share a wall with a neighbouring property.

The last thing that anybody wants is for building work to begin to find out that you are not compliant. We will be able to help with this here at Ensign. If you can have a chat with your neighbours regarding natural lighting and any possible infringement on their property. This will help to ensure costs are kept to a minimum as you do not want expensive problems cropping up as you have not abiding by the laws.

Most of us would be looking for the cheapest way to extend a house. however, it is important to remember to always use a reputable firm such as Ensign Ltd with the experience of building work along with regulations. Using non reputable companies although quotes maybe cheap initially will only cause issues in the long run with poor workman ship and even the possibility of being scammed.

Ensign will also give you a full written quote and we will not expect payment until work is complete and you are fully satisfied.

If you are thinking of a home extension or just want to make some initial enquiries contact us today and we will be more than happy to help you and discuss your ideas.

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