Planning a house extension

When you decide to extend your home, it is important that the project is planned precisely and
managed well in order to ensure that the extension is a success and doesn’t end up costing much
more than budgeted for.

There are main points to remember when having a house extension whether it is single storey, wrap
around or two storey extension. We will take a look at these below to help you ensure your
extension project is a success.

Before the build:

It Is important to think about your construction materials and ensure that the key building materials
for your project will be able to be sourced. Currently there are price increases and a lack of HGV
drivers which are affecting the building trade. Cement, timber, and roof tiles are currently in high
demand and there is a shortage so it is important to factor price increases on these products as this
will affect your budget.


It is important that when thinking about an extension you discuss timescales as realistically projects
can sometimes have delays. It is important to be clear from the start if the timescale that is required
by you the client is achievable. With the shortage of supplies this is impacting the timescales for
builds at the moment, so we are sure to factor this in when we provide your quote, 5-6 months is
usually a timescale we give for smaller extensions.


It is important to be clear from the outset of a maximum budget for your project. We will be able to
discuss the costs involved with you and we will also provide you with a full breakdown quote.
Sometimes, unforeseen costs are occurred, but this will always be discussed with you at the time in
full and we will aim to factor in a buffer within your budget to ensure it is affordable for you.

Project management:

We will project manage your extension from start to finish from the initial design through to
completion. We have a full team who are able to cover every aspect of your house extension
including quantity surveyors, graphic designers and architects so you are in more than capable hands
with us. We will discuss every aspect of the build with you, so you are fully informed of the
processes involved in extending your home.

Planning Permission:

We will discuss with you when we come to discuss your ideas whether you will need to apply for
planning permission. If planning permission is required, we can also look after the application for

If you are thinking of having a house extension and want to discuss your ideas with our expert team
contact us today and we will be happy to discuss your project with you.

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