How do I know if I need planning permission for a house extension?

If you are planning on extending you home, how do you know if you require planning permission for your house extension? We have put together this simple guide which will give you the information you need when planning an extension to your home

The first thing and main important step is to discuss your house extension plans with your architect or builder as it’s us that have the most experience when it comes to the home extension process. We will be able to advise you on the local planning authority and what their preferences are.

Here are the things that we need to consider when planning your house extension which will more than likely mean that you will need to apply for planning permission. 

  • The extension is heading towards a road 
  • If the extension is higher than the height of the existing building, you will need permission to extend upwards
  • If the extension covers half or more of the land which surrounds the house
  • If the house is detached and you plan to extend more than 8 metres
  • If the house is semi detached and you plan to extend more than 6 metres
  • If an extension is a single-story extension but is more than half the width of the house 
  • If an extension is single story and taller than 4 metres
  • If the material, you are using for the extension is different to the style of your house
  • If the extension you are planning includes a raised veranda or a balcony
  • The house you are extending is a listed building 

The factors will mean that you will require planning permission for your house extension. We also advise that you need to carefully consider the following points.

  • Will the house extension overlook neighbours? – If the extension includes balconies or overlook neighbours planning permission maybe required.
  • Will the house extension overshadow your neighbours?  – This could cause friction as well as mean that you will struggle with planning permission. 
  • Does the house extension restrict or interfere with a road? – If so, you will be limited to how far you can build out to ensure that you are not restricting motoring access. 
  • Party wall Act – This means that you will need to formally notify adjoining owners of the house if you are building within three metres of your neighbours. 

If you have any questions about permissions for your house extension or home extensions in general contact us today and one of our experts will be more than happy to help.

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