The benefits of a new build property

Here at Ensign, we are experts in design and build of new build properties. Here we look at the

benefits of a new build property over an older property.

• Design – When you choose to have a new build property you can have much more input on

the design. You can choose your fixtures and fittings to make the property more personal to

you and your individual tastes. During the build you can have input on the colour scheme

and the flooring used within the property. When you move into a new build property you do

not have to worry about additional cost and time and inconvenience of decorating as it is all

you required.

• Energy efficient – Especially in the current climate it is very important to ensure that your

property is energy efficient. New build properties are built with much higher specifications

and to tighter regulations. As standard new build properties are cheaper to run and will help

to reduce your carbon footprint and of course save you money on energy bills. New build homes

also usually have better air filtration which is a huge benefit to those who suffer respiratory conditions or have allergies.

• Costs – New build property can often be easier to afford than older properties. The

government offer help to buy schemes on new build homes which is a great benefit to those

who do not have a huge amount of disposable cash for a deposit.

• Structural warranty – When opting for a new build property you will be covered by a 10-year

warranty from LABC which protects you if any structural defects occur. This is a huge benefit

over buying an older property.

• Secure – New build property often has higher security features than older homes. Our new

build homes come with security options for burglar alarm systems. This will give you peace

of mind that you home is secure.

If you are thinking of having a new build home or wish to speak to one of our experts here at Ensign

about the builds, we offer and how we can help you contact us today.

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