How to ensure you find a good builder for your job

When  looking for a builder for your home to carry out a good job as well as being reliable and trustworthy can seem daunting. Here we look at a few handy hints and tips at how to ensure that you find a good builder. 

A good builder will guide you through the process from start to finish for your home renovations and projects they will look at the tender and drawing s and provide you with a full quite and plan for the build. 

The builder should then agree a time from and stay within the budget you agreed as far as possible.

How to find a good builder tips:

There are a few things that we can recommend you do to find a reliable builder these include;

  • Recommendation from professionals such as architects and structural engineers
  • Personal recommendations from people who have used the builder previously 
  • Using builders forums 
  • Industry recommendations 
  • Social media recommendations 
  • Advertising 

Here at Ensign we believe that recommendation is without a doubt the best way to find a reliable builder. It is worth remembering that good builders are in demand so maybe a little wait before you can get the job booked in but it is worth waiting for a reliable builder. 

Talking to other builders who are doing work is also a good call as you can see the work they are doing for yourself. Using advertising signs and phone numbers outside where they are carrying out work means that it is likely they are a reputable firm. You could also approach the people having the work done to see what they think of the builder. 

Whichever route you go down always make sure you meet your builder in person before agreeing the work. 

If you have a building requirement then look no further then Ensign. We have reviews available to prove our work for all to see. Contact us today for a friendly chat. 

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