Building dreams brick by brick exploring builders expertise in Warrington 

Here at Ensign we help our clients build their dreams brick by brick with beautiful new extensions and new build homes in and around the Warrington and Cheshire area. Let’s take a look at some ideas for home improvements and extensions to give you some ideas of how we could help you achieve your dream home. 

The best home extensions allow extra space to be added to your home and enhance the space that you already have. We would always advise to ensure you research to ensure you get the best people for the project. Ensign are more than happy to discuss and go through your plans and ideas to see if we are right for you and your dream project. 

From the smallest extensions to stunning large modern extensions our design team can help with it all. Lets have a look at a few ideas of extensions to give you some inspiration.

  1. Glass link extension – Glass link extensions can be used to link a detached garage or outbuilding to a main house. Two elements are linked together to give a larger living space.  
  2. Try to mirror the existing building – When looking at extensions and its important to try and mirror the existing property as best you can. For example you would not add a super modern extension to a older barn property.
  3. Glass overheating – If you are thinking of adding a glass extension you will need to consider if overheating will be a problem. Our team can talk through ways of overcoming this such as using double glazing that is solar reflective.
  4. Consider cladding – When thinking of your extension consider the cladding that will be used to finish the external look of the extension. Modern looks can include porcelain tiles and composites.
  5. Size matters – When looking to extend a property bigger is not always better think about the size of the extension you require and what you need the additional space for. It maybe that you do not need a huge extension to bring the extra space you need and smaller may work out better for you as an individual.
  6. Use your existing space – Our design team will talk to you about using the space you already have to extend your home this can include loft conversions and wall removals internally to create more space and open up lost areas of your home that are not currently utilised.
  7. Build up – When extending the home two storey extensions maybe the way forward for you depending on the space you have our design team can help with this and discuss the possibilities in increasing your space by adding an extra storey
  8. Materials matter – The materials that are used for your extension really do matter it is important that you use the best possible materials whilst not going over and above budgets.

All the above points are things that our team here at Ensign will start with when we look to discuss with you how we can build your dreams with you. If you are thinking of extending your home but you are not sure where to start then we do it is by giving us a call. We can arrange for one of our friendly team to have an informal chat about what you want to acheive and how together we can make that possible. 

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