Builders Cheshire: A guide to personalising a new build home 

New build properties have many advantages including being built and constructed with the latest in building practices including cavity walls and insulation systems. With modern integrated appliances including induction hobs and the latest boilers new build properties are undeniably popular. 

However sometimes it is felt that new build property can lack character and are not as homely and welcoming as older properties. However using a few simple hacks, you can add character to your new build property and here we will look at how you can do this and add your personal touch to the property. 

Let’s look at how you can do this;

Find your style:

Before you personalise your new build home you will need to find your style and theme. This can be classic, rustic, shabby chic, contemporary or minimal but once you have a style in mind you should stick to this throughout the property. If you are stuck for ideas looking on the internet or home interior magazines or Instagram and Pinterest are fantastic research tools. 

Update the entrance: 

The first thing that you and visitors to your home will see is the entrance to your home. Most new builds will come with a simple white UPVC door. Changing this to a standout door colour will add a personal twist to your new build. 

Add colour:

The main thing with new build homes is that they are often very white throughout which is great really as it gives you a blank canvas to work with. Add bold colours to your rooms and décor which will make the new build more unique to your and your style. 

Update the walls:

You can add personality to your new build home by updating the walls this can be done with panelling, wallpaper, feature walls and gallery walls. All of these will make sure that your new build is unique and personal to you. 

Fabrics and textiles:

By incorporating different fabrics and textiles within the home using cushions, throws etc you can add different styles and patterns and give the new build a real homely feel. 

Garden features:

If you have a garden or patio with your new build, you can personalise this using plants, furniture and lighting.

If you are thinking of a new build home then these tips will hopefully ensure that you are able to make it your ideal perfect home to enjoy for years to come.  

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