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Chapel Renovation – Wales

This beautiful old Chapel was rescued by Chris Jonas and Cliff Finch in 2010 and at that time was a complete wreck and in an extremely bad state of repair.

Through Cliff Finch’s daughter Samantha, Chris and Cliff were introduced and recommended towards a very talented company called Ensign Ltd.

Based in Warrington, this company is owned by two brothers Daniel and Luke Cleary.

The company came with vast experience of historic renovations and have tackled many difficult jobs all over the UK. The vision for the chapel was created by the brothers with a very sympathetic view and respect for the history.

The Broughton District history group has also been very helpful. Their prominent members, James Nuttall and Phil Coops assisted with the background detail of the history.

The Chapel was constructed in 1840 and just three weeks prior to the opening, the building collapsed during a great storm and the building that stands there today was re-built in 1861. Services were held in this chapel until 1968. During the Victorian era this chapel would have been full of people of all ages who met for prayer and community support.

Through the skill of the Ensign team, there has now been created three luxury eco-friendly dwellings.

Within the walls of the old chapel the three properties all have three bedrooms, two bathrooms and dressing rooms and also many quality excellent features. They include original design copies of the chapel windows that existed up to 50 years ago, and old exposed beams.

It is the character outside and new inside, that makes a perfect product for modern living.

Article written by Rita Jonas of ‘The Leader Newspaper’ – Wrexham and Chester

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